Let's do Slayers western petition for Kanzaka Hajime
Slayers western petition for Kanzaka Hajime
From Megabura, the one of connection site between Kanzaka and his fans are now gathering its afterview after MaruMaru Slayers broadcast until Friday in this week.

Seems Slayers Festival is now going to be continued until December, 

So like the rumors which you guys heard that slayers New animation is going to be released, 

It is definitely correct that something is going on SLAYERS WORLD.

So for better SLAYERS, I think a FAN GROUP PETITION to Kanzaka Hajime, like this good opportunity 

HONESTLY, many of Slayers fans in South Korea, has criticized SLAYERS REVOLUTION AND R like a trooper, 

and I think some of you will agree with that, or some of you will not . I understand it.
So for better AFTER SLAYERS, I think we have to exercise our right more than before, as a great fan of Slayers, so here is my suggestion.

Plz write your opinion about MORE BETTER SLAYERS ANIMATION or, A BETTER SLAYERS WAY FOR FUTURE PROGRESS with your  detailed basis why do you think like that, for letting Kanzaka will know that how many passion the ABROAD SLAYERS FANS have toward SLAYERS GANGS. Just write your opinion freely, but plz with being detailed basis. 

I'll capture your comment below and translated it into Japanese and send it to MEGA BURA as a name of SLAYERS FANS from western. 

This event is joining with CLARE BIBLE RAIDERS which the biggest Slayers Fan community in South Korea. 

New pictures,and my new aims.

I posted before that I was really enojoying drawing.. and Exactly! I couldn't stop drawing... Just my aim is Drawing What I want! (Limited in Slayers ^^)

And Before Drew this picture, I think slayers novel 15, a double Ragna blade. Though I want to draw it, But I drew only one..

and Plus, I'd love to draw Gourry, So I did it! And the face of gourry closing his eyes reiminded me the scene of novel 8.

I think I will draw more picture, because it is Holiday! isn't it? And I hope my skill to draw is upgrading..

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Hi, I'm from far nation ^^

Hi, everyone! I'm from South Korea . I have enjoyed everyone's talking about Slayers for a long time!

You see, my english is not good ! But I can understand english a little bit, abstractly.

I joined right before because I want to share my slayer's love with you ^^

Nowadays, I am reading slayers fanfictions written by BQbunny and filing sloth. Thank you for wrtting these fabulous fanfictions! It's not enough for me to read Korean slayers fanfictions, because  it is reducing more and more, after ending of Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R...

So, My pleasure, I want to show you guys some special made movie! by skalla sang!(Right..?)

A person who can translate Japanese take it from NIKODONG and show us. I was so happy!



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